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2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing

Description of 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing

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Now offering Heat Shrink Printing, contact us for details.

Polyolefin Heat shrink tubing can be used in a variety of applications in the military, commercial, and consumer markets.

All heat shrink tubing will shrink lengthwise as well as its diameter; 2:1 shrink tubing will shrink one half of its nominal diameter and less than 7% of its length.

Attention: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, same colors may not exactly match between sizes, models and batches.

*Any item ordered by the foot will NOT be returnable.

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Features and Benefits

  • 2:1 heat shrink is also RoHS compliant and UL Listed
  • Available in an array of colors and diameters from 3/64" to 4"
  • Colors include: black, gray, clear, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and yellow/green
  • This product is UL recognized at 600V and under file No is E180908
  • 2:1 heat shrink is halogen-free & flexible
  • 2:1 heat shrink can be used in any enclosed area where a flame-retardant, halogen-free environment is required, such as Metro, skyscraper, mass transit vehicles and ships.


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Owesome color and fast shipping . 1/21/2016
Reviewed by: Fredy from Miami.
Alot of FPV Drone makers are looking to make them drones and build stand out. Great way to give it color. The only complain is that they used to have 1 feet option. Now I need to buy 5 feet minimum. Other than that great product but if you keep making your client buy more than required... what's the point. I find with 1 feet. Bring it BACK !!! hahaha
Colour coding audio cables 11/24/2015
Reviewed by: Peter Barkham from West Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Used this tubing to colour code microphone cables. Ideal for the job, thin walled. Note that the dimension listed is the internal diameter before shrinking, not the flat dimension.
Multiple Colors 5/5/2015
Reviewed by: Robert Pond from Warminster PA .
Now I can get the size I want in the color I want. I just wish you had 1/32" in stock. Fast shipment. Very workable product.
Good Product 1/22/2015
Reviewed by: Jonathon Oakley from Forest, Va.
We were happy with the results with this product. The delivery was good also, the product came on a roll so there was very little wasted product in comparison with some of the tubing we received from other vendors.
Exactly what I needed 1/6/2015
Reviewed by: J Austin from Covington LA.
Product is exactly what was ordered. Shipping was fast even during the holiday season and the price was right.
2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing 12/31/2014
Reviewed by: Gary from Ohio.
Product looks great and works great. Service was exemplary. Will be purchasing again.
2:1 Heat Shirnk Tubing 9/18/2014
Reviewed by: Arnold Berg from Taylorsville, Utah.
I use the colored heat shrink tubing to protect wood dowels from moisture. The different colors are used for color coding and the colors look great! This heat shrink is easy to use and performs exactly as described.
2:1 heat shrink tubing, clear 9/15/2014
Reviewed by: Gary from Berkeley, CA.
Absolutely love the product. I make fishing lures as a hobby and use the tubing to make the bodies. Worked great!!
heat shrink tubing 7/11/2014
Reviewed by: walt from reading, pa.
hi, i know the heat shrink tubing is for electrical wire and those sorts of applications. i use it for arts and crafts kind of stuff. it makes a nice waterproof shrink wrap. the sizes advertised are what you recieve, the turn around time is very good. the clear tubing is very clear and works well for what i need. i ordered realatively small amounts, and got exactly what i ordered at a fair price and quick delivery. i ordered 3 times so far, and would use these folks again. very happy so far
Thought it was crap.... 6/26/2014
Reviewed by: Cesar from SW CT.
....until I received my heat shrink tubing order. This tubing is GREAT!!! Used it to cover a RG6 cable that ran across a base board, to blend the color into the wall. I expected cheap quality, but this stuff is great. Great that this company sells in small quantities too. I will definitely recommend and will be ordering from here again. Bass Elite


More Info

Minimum Shrink Temperature 120 degrees Celsius

Proprietary Test Method Typical Value
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 13 N/mm
Elongation at Break ASTM D 638 400%
Longitudinal Change ASTM D 2671 +5%,-5% maximum
Water Absorption ASTM D 570 0.15% Maximum
Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 1.4 s
Dielectric Strength ASTM D 2671 25kV/mm
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 257 10@ 14
Chemical - -
Fungus Resistance MIL-I-7444 Inert
Fluid Resistance MIL-I-23053/5 Good
Cooper Corrosion ASTM D 2671 B Good
Continuous Operating Temperature - -55C to +135VC
Minimum Shrink Temperature - >90C
Heat Shock 4 hours at 250C ASTM D 2671 No dripping, cracking or flowing
Heat Aging 168 hours at 150C ASTM D 638 Elongation 300%
Low Temperature Flexibility -55C ASTM D 2671C No cracking
Specification reference:
UL 224 125C, 600V, VW-1
CSA-C22.2 No. 198-M1986 125C, 600V
File LR33298 Guide 400-U-9
Heat Shrink Certification of Compliance and Standards


All Heat Shrink is measured round, not flat
You can see approximate equivalences using the Diameter Calculator
Each spool may not be continuous

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