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2C and 4C In-Wall Speaker Wire

16/2 C In-Wall Speaker Wire

Description of 2C and 4C In-Wall Speaker Wire

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Speaker wire comes in many different gauges and forms for different applications. 2C and 4C In-Wall Speaker Wire comes in two AWGs, 16 and 14. The thicker the wire, the more it reduces the resistance of sound being amplified through the speaker.

The material that makes up audio cables needs to be powered by a very conductive source, and copper is the Universal wiring for voice and sound devices. These 2 and 4 Conductor audio wires are designed with grades of oxygen-free copper to increase its conductivity and durability.

In addition, these speaker wires are designed to operate from within the wall, meaning that new home theatre of yours will look pretty spiffy without unsightly hanging wires. Plus, CMR rated, 2C and 4C in-wall speaker wire is encased in a self-extinguishing protective jacket that won’t allow the spread of fire in case such an event was to occur.

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Features and Benefits

  • 16AWG x 2 conductor Stranded wire (65 strand)
  • Oxygen-free copper wire strands
  • UL Listed
  • CMR Rated


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