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360 Electrical 1 Outlet Rotating Surge Protector

360 Electrical 1 Outlet Rotating Surge Protector

Description of 360 Electrical 1 Outlet Rotating Surge Protector

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The best way to protect your electronics is with a surge protector. Preventing damage from power overload, the 360 Electrical Rotating Outlet Power Adapter fits into standard AC outlets and can rotate to accustom larger plugs. Made with a compact design, this electrical surge protector is portable and can be used nearly anywhere.

Lock the 360 rotating outlet power adapter in place to guarantee a secure hold for electronics. Designed with a modern look, and given a smooth white finish, this one-outlet rotating surge protector fits with home and office décor. A red LED is built into the 360 Electrical power adapter to indicate whether or not a circuit is protected.

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Features and Benefits

  • Red LED indicates when protection is on
  • Equipped with a rotating adapter to accustom larger plugs
  • Easy to use and locks into place
  • Modern, with a smooth white surface
  • Compact design and portable



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