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V-Max 4P4C Crimp Tool for RJ11

4P4C Crimp Tool for RJ11

Description of V-Max 4P4C Crimp Tool for RJ11

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To apply a little pressure on some stubborn metal, all it takes is a crimping tool. For cutting wires to set up a network connection, you could also use a crimper. So how about the V-Max 4P4C Crimping Tool for RJ11 connectors? Designed with a pair of insulated handles that meet at a pivot point, you control the head and jaws of the tool, whilst being protected from electrical hazards. A crimp is also a good alternative for getting metal work done and not wanting to be exposed to hazardous chemicals.

The RJ11 crimp has multi-functional capabilities; itís handy for making electrical attachments, joining components, and with a built-in blade this crimping tool can be used for cutting wires, cords, and cables. You can splice a Cat3 cable, prepare it for a jack, and then connect the two with a tight closure -- all without soldering. With the the 4P4C crimper you can even put together a telephone handset, and connect a keyboard to a computer. The RJ11 crimping tool really is a convenient tool to have.

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Features and Benefits

  • Built-in cutting-stripping Blade
  • Insulated Grips
  • One Year Standard Warranty


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