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Abesco CT 120 Cable Transit w/Mounting Sets

Abesco 120 Cable Transit

Description of Abesco CT 120 Cable Transit w/Mounting Sets

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Manufactured by Abesco, one of the industry leaders, the Abesco CT 120 Cable Transit is just one of the firestop products offered by

Constructed of 22 gauge steel sleeve (square or round) which contains the heat reactive intumescent material, the Cable Transit CT 120 is intended to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading from one compartment to another and causing further damage. Consequently, your valuable electrical, data and communication cables are protected. In addition, the hinged split body allows an easy retro-fit options for existing cables or wires.

Brushed with a red finish, the Cable Transit CT 120 is available in either round or square and 4 sizes: 2.5" square (65mm), 4" square (102mm), 2" round (51mm) and 4" diameter round (102mm).

Accessories for this fire protection system include the Abesco CT Mounting Flanges (sold separately) which provide easy installation for single or multiple cable transits. The flanges works well in drywall and are available in single, duplex, or triplex sets.

NOTE: Please refer to More Information to review specific manufacturer information on how the Abesco CT 120 works to serve your fire protection needs!

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Graphite intumescent is unaffected by moisture
  • Can be used within concrete floors and walls, drywall, and/or wooden floors

More Info

Manufactured to ISO 9001:3000

Certification for a wide range of cables

When exposed to the heat of a fire, the graphite based intumescent material contained in the Abesco CT 120 Cable Transits expands rapidly to close and seal the inside of the sleeve, preventing the spread of fire from one compartment to another.


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