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Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat Collection

Andersen Hog Heaven Mat - Solid Black

Description of Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat Collection

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When working in industrial settings, people are usually on their feet all day. To battle the long-standing conditions, anti-fatigue mats like the Andersen Hog Heaven Collection go a long way. Made of solid nitrile rubber, each floor mat is cushioned to provide long lasting comfort for many years to come. The rubber matting is textured with a diamond pattern, and has a slip-resistant surface.

Designed for industrial settings, these safety mats are static dissipative, grease and oil proof, and welding safe. For additional safety, each Hog Heaven is molded to the nitrile rubber to form safe mat-to-floor transitions. The Andersen Hog Heaven collection is available in four different widths, two choices of thickness, and lengths up to 60ft. You also have a choice of black or color-striped matting.

Click the "Specifications" tab for product dimensions and the "More Information" tab for additional product details.

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Features and Benefits

  • Solid Nitrile rubber surface, made of 20% post-industrial material
  • Diamond pattern textured with rubber slip-resistant surface
  • .866 coefficient of friction wet rating
  • Premium closed-cell cushion backing provides long-lasting comfort without breaking down
  • 100% Nitrile Rubber border remains flexible for product lifespan
  • Beveled edges and curved corner designs for safer mat-to-floor transition
  • Hog Heaven is molded to the Nitrile surface
  • Static Dissipative, grease and oil proof
  • Welding Safe
  • Available in four sizes (2-4.8ft wide) and custom sizes up to 60ft long
  • Borders may be solid black or striped in one of four colors
  • Made of recycled materials
  • NFSI Certified
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


More Info

Special Order Sizes, up to lengths of 60ft in whole foot increments (Prices are per linear foot)
5/8" Thickness, Black Border
 2ft (24") Widths18.13 
 3ft (33") Widths27.20 
 4ft (46") Widths36.27 
 4.8ft (58")51.71 
5/8" Thickness, Striped Border
 2ft (24") Widths 21.64
 3ft (33") Widths 32.46
 4ft (46") Widths 43.30
 4.8ft (58")57.91 
7/8" Thickness, Black Border
 2ft (24") Widths20.46 
 3ft (33") Widths30.70 
 4ft (46") Widths40.95 
 4.8ft (58")58.33 
7/8" Thickness, Striped Border
 2ft (24") Widths 23.92
 3ft (33") Widths 35.90
 4ft (46") Widths 47.89
 4.8ft (58")65.36 

Shipping Weight for Special Sizes:
5/8" = 1.07 lbs/sq ft.
7/8" = 1.15 lbs/sq ft.

 Overall Mat Thickness
.628" or .875"
 Rubber Type100% Nitrile Rubber (15% Recycled Content) 
 Tensil1100 PSI 
 Rubber TypeNitrile/PVC 
 Thickness.5" or .75" 
 Density5.5 to 7.5 lbx/ft 
 Water AbsorptionASTM D 1667- .01 lb/sq ft max 
FlammabilityFMVSS302- 0 Burn (pass) 
 Temperature UseASTM D 1056- Cold Crack: -20 Degrees F High: 200 Degrees intermittent exposure
 TestingPasses Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70

Passes ATTCC Test method 134-1996 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets: Maximum Voltage Negative 0.7 KV

Static Decay Test Method 4046 Federal Standard 101B/NFPA
99 12- (f)(3)(i) Maximum Time Recorded: .91 sec.

Anti-Static: ANSI/ESD 57-1 1994 Protection of Electrostatic Discharge of Susceptible Items:

Flooring Materials
Surface to Ground - 2.1 x 10^7 ohms @ 50% Relative HumiditySurface to Ground - 3.2 x 10^7 ohms @ 12% Relative Humidity
Surface to Surface - 8.2 x 10^5 ohms @ 50% Relative Humidity
Surface to Surface - 8.5 x 10^5 ohms @ 12% Relative Humidity
ASTM C1028-96 Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry - .92 Wet = .86


Estimated lead time is 3-5 business days
Stripe boarder color options: Black, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

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