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Auger D'VersiBIT® System

Auger D'VersiBIT® System 54A

Description of Auger D'VersiBIT® System

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Great for drilling into soft wood, the Auger D’Versi drill bit system is definitely a good tool accessory to have on hand. Designed to be flexible, these Greenlee drill heads will cut through wood without skidding. A wood-type auger screw point makes it easy to saw into wood panels and the system bends when pressure is applied to the shaft.

A slow back-taper is featured in the Auger D’VersiBIT System to make retrieval of the drills easier. It’s so easy to use; you just guide, drill, and pull. Available in 52inches and 72inches, this product has some versatility to it that is perfect for woodwork and home projects.

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Features and Benefits

  • Great for drilling through soft wood
  • Avoids skidding
  • Wood-type Auger bit with screw point
  • Wood-type Auger bit with screw point
  • Slow back-taper for easy retrieval



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