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Open Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Open slot wire duct is ideal for applications in which wires may need to be re-routed.

Narrow Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Narrow slot wire duct is ideal use with slimmer terminal blocks, and where more access is required, and the finer slots help enhance the appearance of panels.

Closed Slot Wire Duct - Betaduct

Closed slot wire duct provides exceptional cable retention and also provides enhanced protection for installers.
from $133.99

Solid Wall Wire Duct - Betaduct

Solid wall wire duct offers comprehensive cable protection and is ideal for applications where no break-outs are required, and side wall access is infrequent
from $133.99

Noryl Wire Duct - Betaduct

Noryl Wire duct is for use in applications that require a low-smoke and zero halogen material wire duct.
from $651.62
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