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BlackBox Professional Technician's Kit

BlackBox Professional Technician's Kit

Description of BlackBox Professional Technician's Kit

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The Black Box Professional Technician's Kit is made for telephony communications systems and punch down applications. When working high up on those telephone poles, no one wants to be fumbling around with multiple gadgets and second-guessing their next move. That’s why this BlackBox tool kit is designed like a holster—able to be clipped onto your belt for easy access, as well as offering pockets for other tools and extra punch-down blades. The punch-down tool itself features finger grips and non-slip cushioned sides for a firm hold while working. In addition to this, a multi-purpose cutter and stripper tool, ergonomically designed serrated scissors, and a flash light are all included in the Black Box Professional Technician's Kit.

For a full list of all of the tools inside this kit, please click the "Specifications" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed for telephony and punch-down applications
  • Non-slip, cushioned finger grips
  • Can be clipped onto belt
  • Holster has blade storage
  • Includes a multi-purpose cutter/stripper tool
  • Lifetime Guarantee



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