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Blue Lounge® CableBox

The CableBox Cable Manager Open View by Blue Lounge

Description of Blue Lounge® CableBox

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When you need a quick solution to your unattractive surge protectors and cables, look no further than the Blue Lounge® CableBox. Don't worry about unplugging or disconnecting your entertainment center and desktop, simply take your power strips and set them into the cable box. Two slots on the ends allow your cables to pass through unobstructed, and at 5.3 inches deep by 6 inches wide it will accommodate your standard size surge protector as well as any attached power adapters. Managing your office or entertainment center has never been easier!

A fire retardant PVC construction resists heat, and factory installed rubber feet ensure your Blue Lounge® CableBox doesn't slide and skid across your wood or tile floors. Black and white color options allow you to match the cable manager to your office decor, or paint it for a personalized look.

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More Info

Material: Flame Retardant PVC
Length: 15.6" (398 mm)
Width: 6" (154 mm)
Height: 5.3" (134 mm)
Weight: 1.12 lbs (0.5 kg)
Colors: Black & White


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