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Brady Combination Lockout Duffel with Padlocks and Tags

Brady Combination Lockout Duffel with Padlocks and Tags

Description of Brady Combination Lockout Duffel with Padlocks and Tags

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Safety is a big factor to consider when working with electricity and circuitry. It’s best to have protective gear and if possible, tools that can block electrical flow to the devices you’re working on. From Brady comes the Combination Lockout Duffel with Padlocks and Tags, full of all sorts of devices to shut-down machinery so you can stay safe while performing maintenance/repairs on otherwise live circuits. For instance, say you need to shut down a circuit breaker—flip the switch and if it has a hole, pad-lock it with a snap-on circuit breaker; if there is no hole, tag it to indicate that it should not be turned back on.

The Brady lockout padlocks are made of reinforced, laminated steel to withstand intense physical abuse. Additionally, they have steel shackles to make the padlocks hard to cut through. Mini cable lockouts are also included in this Combination Lockout Duffel—great for disconnecting switches and small gate valves. As the name entails, this Brady Lockout with Padlocks and Tags kit comes in a duffel bag to carry everything around and have it on hand on-the-job. Individual items are also for sale below.

For a full list of all of the tools inside this kit, please click the "Specifications" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Complete 19-piece safety kit
  • Padlocks are made of reinforced laminated steel for high durability, and has hardened steel shackles
  • Includes mini-cable lockout for small gate valves and switches
  • Snap on circuit breaker designed for 120V circuit breakers with holes in switch tongue
  • Comes with large blue duffle bag
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty



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