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Brady Combined Lockout and Lockbox Station with Components

Brady Combined Lockout and Lockbox Station with Components

Description of Brady Combined Lockout and Lockbox Station with Components

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To keep machinery working, it needs to be constantly serviced and sometimes repaired. When this happens, someone needs to get in there, work with various components and often circuitry. Before any work gets started, the electrical flow of energy needs to be shut off with a lock out tool; sometimes several. To lug around all the tools for the job, Brady has made a Combined Lockout and Lockbox Station with Components. As stated, this is a large, yellow Lockbox with a powdered coat finish to keep it from rusting and degrading in quality.

Inside the lockbox, the shelves are adjustable to configure the set-up that fits your needs for organization and proper storage of tools. This Combined Lockout Station can hold from 8-10 locks, pending on the varying sizes of each. Additionally, wall mounting hardware is provided for “off-the-floor” installation to keep your tools where you want them. Also, safety tips are printed on the inside of the cover, always leaving a reminder for proper use and lockout practice. Padlocks and lockout tags do not come with this Brady Lockbox station, but a handful of them can be purchased below.

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Features and Benefits

  • Lockbox attached to bottom of cabinet, accommodates 8-10 locks and keeps them shut off
  • Wall mounting hardware is included
  • Has safety tips printed inside cabinet cover
  • Powder coat protects kit from rust and degredation
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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