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Brady Directional Pipe Marker Banding Tape

Brady Directional Pipe Marker Banding Tape

Description of Brady Directional Pipe Marker Banding Tape

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Coding pipe systems for all kinds of conditions can be tricky when it comes to using labels and placards. Brady Corp has designed banding tape to work in a variety of conditions, finished with a high gloss surface so its visible in all types of lighting and from all angles. Made with a high performing acrylic adhesive, these Brady Directional Pipe Markers stick on permanently; theyre also made from durable Brady vinyl, so you can breathe easy knowing you have reliable pipe marker bands on hand. Available in 8 different colors, this Brady directional pipe tape works with a variety of applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • Indicate directional flow with 360 visibility
  • Increase the security of your workplace
  • High performance adhesive sticks permanently
  • Made of B-946 vinyl material
  • High gloss surface for low-lighting
  • Meets ANSI A13.1-2007 requirements
  • Flexible, will adhere to curves without peeling
  • Available in 8 different colors for coding


More Info

 Reagent7 Day Immersion Dip Test Rub Test 
 30% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 10% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 30% HCINE NE 
 50% NaOHNE NE 
 10% NaOHNE NE 
 Methyl Ethtyl Ketone
 IPA (Isopropanol)NE 
 AlconoxNE NE 
 Mineral SpiritsNE 
 Glacial Acetic Acid
 5% Acetic AcidNENENE 
 Diesel FuelNE 
 10% AmmoniaNE NE NE 
 KeroseneNE NE 
 WaterNE NE NE 
NE = No Effect                 NT = Not Tested                 F = Failed

7 Day Immersion: Immersed for 7 days
Dip Test: Five 10 min dips in reagent with 30 min recovery
Rub Test: Rubbed sample for up to 100 rubs on Sutherland ink rub tester


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