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Brady High Performance and High Visibility Pipe Markers

Brady High Performance and High Visibility Pipe Markers

Description of Brady High Performance and High Visibility Pipe Markers

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Coding and labeling pipes is important work in some work environments; some filled with piping systems pumping emergency water supplies or performing simple functions such as directing natural gases. To better tell all of these apart, one would need some signs or labels, and one of the best kinds are by Brady Corp: High Performance and High Visibility Pipe Markers. Resistant to abrasion, chemicals, high humidity and harsh environmental conditions, these Brady pipe labels will not damage easily and will last for a long time. For added protection, each pipe marker is coated with industrial laminate to seal the graphics and lettering, keeping their quality for years to come.

Designed to work in high and low lighting, the Brady Corp pipe markers have a high gloss surface for high visibility in both settings and are resistant to UV damage. Attached without adhesive, these high performing labels are mechanically fastened onto pipes, decreasing the prep time needed when gluing or sticking signs on. Available in six different types of “legends”, you can order Brady High Performance Pipe Markers for all kinds of applications, five of which are already available. With the reliability and versatility of the Brady pipe labels, you can’t go wrong.

For information on Chemical Resistance on Styles O, I, II, and HPHV, please click the "Specifications" tab. For information on Material Specifications, please click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to damage, chemicals, and abnormal environmental conditions
  • Industrial laminated coating protects and seals tight for long-lasting labels
  • Mechanically fastens to pipes, no adhesive required
  • High gloss surface for high visibility in low lighting
  • UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available with over 150 stock legends in different sizes
  • Meets ANSI A13.1-2007 requirements
  • Complies with OSHA standards



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