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Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories

Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories Mounting Clip In-Use

Description of Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories

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Plumbing and pipe systems can get so confusing these days, it’s a good thing there’s corporations like Brady making self-sticking markers and labels. So what if you aren’t able to use labels or stickers, but still need some clear coding for each piping line? Brady takes care of that with Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories to do just as the name says: fasten signs and other labels to make it easy to read what each pipe system does.

Constructed of quality materials, products like the stainless steel straps and the heavy duty mounting clips work together to hold placards in place. The BradyLock Fasteners can run through holes in a sign to tie it around a pipe and tighten up for a secure grip. More products like these have many great features and are available in multiple lengths and quantities below. Brady Pipe Marker Fasteners and Accessories allow you to securely bind labels in no time at all.

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Features and Benefits

  • Securely apply pipe labels wherever
  • Made out of high quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • Easily installed to save time and labor


More Info

 Part#Dimensions Qty Weight 
 Stailess Steel Strapping
 BR-423311/4"Wx100'L 1 roll 15lbs 
 BR-423321/4"Wx250'L 1 roll 37.5lbs 
 BR-423331/4"Wx1000'L 1 roll 150lbs 
 BR-90910-- 100 pack 0.25lbs 
 Mounting Clip
 BR-42335-- 1 pack 0.25lbs 
 Brady Lock
 BR-417721/2"Wx150'L 1 roll 4.2lbs 
 Tape Strips
 BR-599452"Wx10yds 1 roll2.3lbs 
 BR-599462"Wx30yds 1 roll6.9lbs 
 Quick-Apply Nylon Straps
 BR-911656"W 10 pack 0.02lbs 
 BR-911668"W 10 pack 0.03lbs 


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