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Brady Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tape

Brady Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tape

Description of Brady Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tape

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Brady is known as a corporation driven by safety, always popping out new products to make the workplace a safe space. Take these Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tapes for instance— self-sticking vinyl labels for securing pipes and drawing attention to them. The reflective surface of these Brady Marker bands makes them easy to see in any kind of lighting, night or day. Made with a high performing acrylic adhesive, just slap it on and the pipe tape will stick forever.

As most labels, these reflective pipe markers are flexible and can curve around surfaces without peeling off or losing its grip. Constructed out of Brady’s B-946 Vinyl material, this banding tape is durable and lasts long. What else can you say when these tags can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 356°F? It’s incredible really, and available in 6 different colors for coding any piping system. This Brady Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tape is just too good to turn down.

For additional knowledge about the product, please click the "Specifications" tab. For information on Chemical Resistance, click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reflective Surface makes spotting and identifying easy at night or with dim lighting
  • Self-sticking vinyl material
  • Constructed from Brady's durable B-946 Vinyl material
  • Constructed from Brady's durable B-946 Vinyl material
  • Equipped with high performance acrylic adhesive that adheres permanently
  • Exceeds Federal Specification L-S-300, Class I and FP-79 Type II
  • Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 356°F (-40°C to 180°C) for use in manufacturing and food processing
  • Available in 6 colors


More Info

 Chemical Resistance
 Reagent7 Day Immersion Dip Test Rub Test 
 30% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 10% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 30% HCINE NE 
 50% NaOHNE NE 
 Methyl Ethyl Ketone
 IPA (Isopropanol)NE 
 SAE 20 OilNE NE NE 
 AlconoxNE NE
 Mineral SpiritsNE 
 Glacial Acetic Acid
 5% Acetic AcidNE NE NE 
 Diesel FuelNE 
 10% AmmoniaNE NE
 KeroseneNE NE 
 WaterNE NE NE
 NE = No Effect; NT = Not Tested; F = Failed (affected sample)

7 Day Immersion: Immersed in reagent for 7 days
Dip Test: Five 10 minute dips in reagent with 30 minute recovery
Rub Test: Rubbed sample for up to 100 rubs on Sutherland Ink rub tester


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