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Brady Roll Form Vinyl Pipe Markers

Brady Roll Form Vinyl Pipe Markers

Description of Brady Roll Form Vinyl Pipe Markers

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Plumbing, supplying water, directing harmful or natural gas, sprinkler systems, they all link back to a piping system. So how do you tell all of these apart? Easilywith one of the many Brady Roll Form Vinyl Pipe Markers available in 8 and 12x30ft, a single pipe can stand out from the rest. Backed with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, and made out of flexible material, Brady Pipe Markers in rolls will conform to round surfaces and wont melt or loosen when exposed to a lot of heat. In addition to that, installation time is cut-down with adhesive pre-applied to each vinyl sticker.

In reference to vinyl, Brady has constructed these pipe markers out of its B-946 vinyl that can be used outdoors, indoors, and in a variety of environments. Because these pipe labels are supplied in rolls, there is no need to figure out exact measurements while setting up. Printed with arrows to indicate the direction of operations, and each roll printed with wording 65 times, you have no reason to not be able to code a piping system with contents and directional flow. As most Brady Pipe Markers and labels, this product has a high gloss finish for clear visibility in low lighting situations.

For additional knowledge about the product, please click the "Specifications" tab. For information on Chemical Resistance, click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Comes on a roll and eliminates the need for measuring of pipes and conduit
  • Wording is repeated on the roll 65 times, to provide you with multiple labels to complete the job
  • 75 stock legends available for color-coding and labeling
  • Made with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that sticks permanently
  • Flexible material conforms to round surfaces
  • Constructed from Brady's durable B-946 Vinyl material
  • Printed with arrows to indicate directional flow
  • Adhesive is pre-applied for ease of use and quick installations
  • Available in various sizes (8 and 12" widths) for different applications
  • High gloss surface for high visibility in low lighting
  • Customized labels available upon request (call for a quote)


More Info

 Reagent7 Day Immersion Dip Test Rub Test 
 30% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 10% Sulfuric AcidNE NE NE 
 30% HCINE NE 
 50% NaOHNE NE 
 10% NaOHNE NE 
 Methyl Ethyl KetoneF
 IPA (Isopropanol)NE 
 SAE 20 oilNE NE NE 
 AlconoxNE NE 
 Mineral SpiritsNE 
 Glacial Acetic Acid
 5% Acetic AcidNE NE NE 
 Diesel FuelNE 
 10% AmmoniaNE NE NE 
 KeroseneNE NE 
 WaterNE NE NE 
NE = No Effect                 NT = Not Tested                 F = Failed

7 Day Immersion: Immersed in reagent for 7 days
Dip Test: Five 10 minute dips in reagent with 30 minute recovery
Rub Test: Rubbed sample for up to 100 rubs on Sutherland Ink rub tester


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