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Brady Self-Sticking Vinyl Pipe Markers

Vinyl Pipe Marker - Steam

Description of Brady Self-Sticking Vinyl Pipe Markers

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Do you work with a bunch of pipes that all look the same? Maybe Brady Self-Sticking Vinyl Pipe Markers can help, made of B-946 Vinyl, they can be used indoors or outdoors. With a coated adhesive thats pressure sensitive, just press these markings onto a pipe and it will permanently stick, no matter how hot or wet it gets. Additionally, these self-sticking labels meet ANSI A13.1-2007 requirements, ensuring that your piping system is still a safe place to work.

B-946 Vinyl is a very strong material and can be used in a variety of environments without causing safety hazards. The high gloss finish and clear text make these Brady pipe markers very visible in the work place, so they can always be seen when on the job. Many colors are also available for this product to color code your applications and piping system.

For additional knowledge about the product, please click the "More Information" tab. For information on Chemical Resistance, click the "Specifications" tab.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of B-946 Vinyl
  • Meets ANSI A13.1-2007 requirements
  • Available in 4 different styles
  • Various colors available for color coding your application


More Info

 Adhesive TypePermanent cold temperature pressure sensitive acrylic 
 Substrate TypeVinyl film 
 Thickness (PSTC-133)Total: 0.004" (0.125mm) 
 Adhesive PropertiesAdhesion to Steel (PSTC-101)
  15 Minute Dwell (avg) - 64 oz/in (70 N/100mm)
  Ultimate Dwell (72hrs) (avg) - 79 oz/in (84 N/100mm)

Adhesion to Polypropylene
  15 Minute Dwell (avg) - 60 oz/in (70 N/100mm)
  Ultimate Dwell (72hrs) (avg) - 64 oz/in (70 N/100mm)

Tack (ASTM D 2979) (avg) - 1147g 

Drop Shear (PSTC-107) (avg) - 14hrs
 Abrasion Resistance (Method 5306 of US Federal Test Method Std No 191A)CS-10 wheels, 250g wts
Legend withstands up to 400 cycles 
 Gloss47 Gardener Units 
 Minimum Application Temperature0F (-18C) 
 Service Temperature-40 to 180F (-40 to 82C) 
 Average Outdoor Durability5 years (average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure, climate, mounting techniques, and material color) 
 Shelf Life1 year when stored at 70F (21C) and 40% R.H. 


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