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Braided TFE-Fluorocarbon Lacing Tape

Braided TFE-Fluorocarbon Lacing Tape

Description of Braided TFE-Fluorocarbon Lacing Tape

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Wax string is commonly used for bundling up cables and wire, but there are other applications certain cable lacing is suitable for. For instance, Braided TFE-Fluorocarbon Lacing Tape is ideal for aircraft applications -- able to secure wires without taking up space and withstanding the high heat conditions of an engine. This braided wire dressing has a thermal endurance of -99F to 450F, and has a melting point of 620F.

Such high heat resistance is perfect for the inner workings of aircraft engines. In addition to this, Fluorocarbon cable lacing is able to maintain its hold when exposed to fluids and solvents. Braided TFE-Fluorocarbon Lacing Tape is a tough product, built for being reliable in harsh conditions.

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Features and Benefits

  • High heat resistance
  • Resistant to fluids and oxidants
  • Thermal endurance: -99F to 450F
  • Melting point: 620F



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