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Braided Polyester Lacing Tape

Braided Polyester Lacing Tape

Description of Braided Polyester Lacing Tape

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Tying up cables can be tricky business without the right materials. Something too tight can cause abrasion and damage the jackets protecting the wires inside, and something too loose is completely pointless. Braided Polyester (Dacron) Lacing Tape is just the right solution for dressing wires and creating a secure bundle. Wax string made from polyester also has superior knot tying properties when compared to nylon lace knitting, and is more durable.

Polyester cable lacing can endure higher temperatures of heat while in-use, and melts at a slightly higher temperature than nylon. Due to its longevity in harsh or abnormal conditions, braided Polyester wire harnesses are usually used for aerospace applications. There are two finishes available for this Dacron lacing tape: No Finish and Synthetic Rubber.

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Features and Benefits

  • High temperature performance
  • Thermal endurance: -99F to 350F
  • Melting point: 482F
  • Finishes: A-No Finish or C-Synthetic Rubber



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