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Drop Over Lite Cable Cover

Ideal for office or warehouse use, the Drop Over Lite™ is a durable, length adjustable cord protector that brings neatness and safety to any room.
from $39.99

The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

The DO-MAX "Drop and Go" with maximum protection.
from $95.00
from $79.99

Do-Max 2 Drop Over Cable Protector

Light and Strong, the Heavy Duty Bumble Bee Cable Protector makes carrying/transporting cable protectors a pleasure to those outdoor job sites!
from $122.12

Bumble Bee Low Profile Cable Protectors

Built like the heavy duty cable protectors, except in a low-profile design!
from $127.38

Bumble Bee Cable Protector

In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Bumble Bee Cable Protector is ideal when there is light vehicular traffic. With a load capacity of 25,000 lbs ‘per axle’ , there is still plenty of protection for cables, hoses, and wires from getting damaged from constant truck/vehicular traffic!!
from $139.99

Bumble Bee GM - General Manufacturing - Cable Protector

The Bumble Bee® GM was principally designed to protect cables running across the floor in robotic cells, in which traffic is limited to foot traffic.
from $289.00

Working BEE Transport Cart

Works with Yellow Jacket 5 channel and Bumble Bee 5 channel Cable Protectors.
from $445.00
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