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ByteBrothers PoE Power Panels

ByteBrothers PoE Power Panel - Standard and DSL model

Description of ByteBrothers PoE Power Panels

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Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is the new big thing in computer networking; no longer are Ethernet cables strictly for data. ByteBrothers PoE Power Panels allow you to test cables for PoE voltage and power before any problems arise. With these DVM and network testers, gather information on the type(s) of devices connected, speed of data connections, and Ethernet pair wiring.

Packed with features for sensing what is on a Category 5 or CAT6 cable (switches, phones, and more), use the standard model to interact with these devices or go even further with the Inline unit to test the power draw of two devices simultaneously, or the Tone Star model to locate wires with its probe (included). The standard Byte Brothers power panel has interactive buttons for VoIP phone and IP cameras, and can display PoE power in volts and watts. Consisting of these features and more, the InLine network testing has two jacks and can display the negotiated data rate between devices. The Tone Star has a filtered probe with an LED lighted tip for tracing tones.

For a list of each model's features, please click the "More Information" tab.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Standard Unit (TL-BB-POE1000)Inline (TL-BB-POE1000IL)Tone Star (TL-BB-POE1000ILT)
Scans pins and displays PoE power in: volts, watts, cable pair location, and end/midspanAll of the features of the standard model, plus:All of the features of the Inline model, plus:
Advertises data switch speed (10, 100, 1000 MBs), duple, cable pair locationTwo jacks that allow for PoE power to be passed to the PoE device for testing.Included a full featured, filtered probe for tracing tones (wire location)
Interactive buttons: VoIP phone and IP camera load simulatorPower measurement placed INLINE between two devices will draw power from the device, measured in watts. Too much power draw results in IP/PoE network failure.Probe features an ultra-bright LED lighted tip, filtering to block flourescent hum, volume control, 2 status LEDs, adapters for alarm wire, RJ11, RJ45, and coax connectors.
Link Pulse transmit button

Other features: Tone operation
Port beacon
Auto shutoff
Uses 9V battery (included)


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