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Cable Nook Table Top CNK280 Enclosure - Altinex

Cable-Nook CNK280 interconnect box.

Description of Cable Nook Table Top CNK280 Enclosure - Altinex

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Installing the Cable Nook 280 Interconnect box brings function and simplicity to any boardroom or conference room table. Designed for retractable cables, this metal tabletop enclosure acts as a pass through for A/V and data cables for temporary presentations using laptops, projection devices, or other components.

Low-profile and easy to open lid, pull out cables in a flash to get your meeting started quickly and when you're finished, store the unused cables inside the Cable Nook for a tidy office look.

Fits table thickness: 1/4" - 3" (6-76mm)
Table cutout dimensions: 4.58"

This is a universal box, end-user can use their own cables.

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