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Cable Carrier Aluminum Carabiner

Cable Carriers

Description of Cable Carrier Aluminum Carabiner

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Rugged aluminum carabiner and cable strap combo is perfect for hanging cables from shelving systems, supports, equipment and your tool belt! Makes storing cables extremely easy; just coil, wrap into the cable strap, and then clip carabiner to a shelving unit or wall hook.

Cable carriers are an ideal companion for A/V technicians and lighting, sound, or camera professionals for up to 10,000 re-fastenings. High-grade hook and loop provides for an ultimate in cable-toting convenience and easy to take along extra cables hands-free for replacements at your side during emergencies.

Available in either 2-3/16 aluminum triangle carabiner or 3-1/8 aluminum carabiner all in Matte Black.

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Features and Benefits

  • Just coil up spare cables, fasten the cable wrap around them, then clip the attached carabiner to wall hooks, shelving, or even belt loops and tool belts
  • Made from the best quality hook and loop material. It will last for 10,000 refastenings
  • Allows you to always have replacements at your side for emergencies
  • Rugged Aluminum Carabiner

More Info

Cable Carrier 3-1/8" Aluminum Carabiner Specifications:

Carabiner Size 3-1/8" (8 cm)
Carabiner Maximum Opening 1" (2.5 cm)
Carabiner Color Matte Black or Matte Silver
Strap Color Black or Gray

Cable Carrier -3/16" Aluminum Carabiner Specifications:

Carabiner Size 2-3/16" (5.5 cm)
Carabiner Maximum Opening 3/8" (1 cm)
Carabiner Color Matte Silver
Strap Color Black


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