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Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector

Description of Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector

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Our Cable Guard 1010, 1050 and 8200 cable ramps are perfect for light use in places such as offices, homes, small businesses and wherever there are idle cords lying around that need to be guarded from heavy foot traffic and general purpose carts.

These light duty Cable Guard cord covers are created by using a flexible, yet rigid polyurethane material and designed with t-connectors which allow you to connect them as you like.

Made with a raised pyramid texture covering for better traction.

Load Capacity:
ED1050: 1000 lbs/tire
ED1010: 7500 lbs/tire
ED8200: 5000 lbs/tire

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of advanced Polyurethane (very durable)
  • Built in T-Connectors to add as many onto each other
  • Lightweight at 3, 7 and 32 lbs for easy transporting
  • Resistant to Oil and Solvents
  • Max Temperature 150F
  • Up to 7.75" in Channel Width
  • Raised pyramid texture for maximum traction


Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector 3/13/2015
Reviewed by: Cheryl McAllister from Ann Arbor, Michigan .
The cable protector is exactly as described and we were very pleased with our first order so we went back again for a second time. The pricing is reasonable and it shipped it a timely fashion so I will make this my go to site before I look elsewhere.
Drop Over Cable Protector 5/30/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy from Fort Lauderdale, FL.
These are a great product at a great price. I install them regularly.
Cable protectors 11/25/2012
Reviewed by: Karen Evans from Flagstaff, AZ.
This item was just what we needed for the winter. We run an extension cord across a sidewalk to a birdbath heater so that our wild birds have water during the winter. We also have to snow blow that sidewalk when we get our winter snows at 7000 feet. I was glad to find this since I couldn't find it locally and the price here was really good.
Quality Clinic Manager 11/12/2010
Reviewed by: Brooke Greenwood from Indianapolis.
We have these dropovers in various areas around our design center. I am going to order more because they are working better than expected!


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