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Cable-Nook CNK200 Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box & Accessories

Cable-Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box

Description of Cable-Nook CNK200 Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box & Accessories

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The Modular Cable Nook Interconnect Box provides a simple and effective way to hide or store multimedia cables and connectors.

Perfect for use in conference rooms and boardrooms, the CNK200 table top cable nook allows cables to remain connected to a presentations system allowing the user to access video, audio and media connections.

For a complete solution, be sure to pick the necessary accessories ranging from power outlets to fixed connectors.

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Features and Benefits

  • Retractable when not in use
  • Ideal for tabletop installation
  • Provides convenient access to cable ends or fixed connectors
  • Allows customization to meet different needs
  • Equipped with 24 screw holes to allow different plate combinations
  • Constructed with metal for ultimate durability
  • All accessories are shipped with retaining screws for ease of installation
  • Gives you a simple and cost effective interconnect solution
  • An optional retaining bracket allows adjustment for range of cable types
  • Designed for use on tables ranging from one to three inches thick

More Info

Features/Description: CNK200 (custom)
Width (inches): 6.030in (153mm)
Height (inches): 8.230in (209mm)
Finish: Matte Black
T' Operating: 10' C-35C
T' Maximum: 50' C
Humidity: 90% non-condensing

Getting Acquainted To Your CNK200 Cable-Nook

If you have had to crawl underneath your conference room table for access to electrical outlets and jacks, then your will appreciate the Cable-Nook Modular Interconnect Box.  It provides the perfect solution to plug your laptop computer or video projector closest to your conference room table.

Designed with a trapdoor half-moon lid that remains flush with the table when not in use, the modular cable-nook provides the optimum wire management solution. Cables are easily accessible by simply lifting the trap door and pulling the ends out.  The modular cable-nook is designed to close with ease even with several cables in use. Once you no longer have use for your cables, the ends are returned to the Cable-Nook for safe storage.

Installation tips:

  • Keep you CNK200 Cable-Nook in a dry area away from dust and moisture
  • Keep unit away from rain or moisture to prevent fire or shock
  • To keep your internal components safe, the Cable-Nook Interconnect Box must be kept away from direct sunlight, smoke or steam.
Wall outlets with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) recommended for maximum protection.


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