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Cable Tray Accessories: Brackets, Extensions and Loops

Cable Tray Accessories

Description of Cable Tray Accessories: Brackets, Extensions and Loops

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There are several accessories available for CM10 and CM20 cable tray systems. Each accessory has a different use, and by combining them you will be able to create a unique cable tray system ideal for any need.

Accessories Available:

Pedestal Angel Support Kit: Mounts to the vertical legs of a raised floor system, and provides a flat surface for trays to sit on. The kit includes: (2) Angle Supports, (2) "U" clamps. Clamps fit up to a 1-1/2 dis.

Pedestal Bridge Support Kit: Works as a cable tray "hammock" since it spans between 2 raised flooring legs for the tray to rest on. The kit includes: (1) Bridge Support (Spans 24" center to center floor pedestals up to 1 1/2" diameter), and (2) "U" clamps.

Support Brackets: These brackets provide support for cable trays without having to use a threaded rod. They can be securely attached to walls or floors, and in order to allow further access to cables they are available in L or C shapes.

CM58 Tray Extensions: These extensions fit into side guides that make possible the adjustment of the tray up to 6" on each end. It is not recommended to cut the cable tray as it will interfere with the grounding characteristics and UL classification.

Universal Loops: These loops are used to make elevation adjustments for drop or straight sections. Also, if needed they can also be used a hinges.

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