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Cable Tray Systems  Cable Tray Systems

CM10 Wire Cable Tray System

The CM10 straight section is a cable tray system that allows to handle various heavy duty cable tray load capacities. It is available in several widths and lengths.
from $6.93

CM15 Junctions and Intersections

Designed to work with CM10 Cable Trays. Choose between 4-way, Drop, "T", and "L" junctions, as well as between Safety Yellow, White, Chrome and Black.
from $42.90

CM19 Standard-Duty Reducer (0.120" cold rolled steel)

Reducer for the CM 10 Cable Trays.
from $21.38

CM20 Wire Cable Tray System

UL Listed
The CM20 is constructed out of 0.187" steel for heavier applications.
from $8.25

CM25 Junctions and Intersections

CM25 Junctions work with CM20 Cable Trays. Use these fitting to customize cable runs througout buildings.
from $36.63

CM29 Heavy-Duty Reducer (0.187 in. cold rolled Steel)

Reducer for the CM 20 Cable Trays.
from $32.65

Cable Tray Accessories: Mounting Supports

This page contains:
  • Center Support Kits
  • Trapeze Support Kits
  • Raised Floor Supports
  • Wall Mount Brackets
  • Waterfall
from $5.23

Cable Tray Accessories: Brackets, Extensions and Loops

This page contains:
  • Pedestal Support Kits
  • L and C Support Brackets
  • Tray Extension
  • Universal Loops
from $5.45

Cable Tray Accessories: Covers & Bottom Plates

This page contains:
  • Cable Tray Covers
  • Solid Bottom Plates
from $8.90

Wire Tray Cable Organizer - Viable

from $24.99
Cable Ladders  Cable Ladders

CL Series Cable Ladders - Middle Atlantic

Create a convenient and efficient bulk wire management system with Middle Atlantic Cable Ladders. Customize your cable ladder system with a slew of accessories designed to fit any needs you require and keep your bulk cables off the ground.
from $74.00

CL Series Cable Ladder Accessories - Middle Atlantic

Fully customize your cable ladder wire management system with our huge variety of accessories from Middle Atlantic.
from $18.71

CL Series Cable Ladder Junction and Splice Hardware - Middle Atlantic

When you want to expand your Cable Ladder System this extensive collection of Junction and Splice Hardware creates endless possibilities.
from $12.13
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