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CableDuct Coated Fiberglass Continuous Duct Rodder

CableDuct Fiberglass Duct Rodder.

Description of CableDuct Coated Fiberglass Continuous Duct Rodder

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Used to push or pull lines or cables through ducts, tubes, conduit and pipes, our duct rodders feature an aluminum cage and stand for lightweight handling in the field. The cage size is determined by the length of the fiberglass rod, and the 1000FT length model has a trolley and wheel for easy transport.

The fiberglass rod is made from extruded fiberglass and high strength resin for flexibility and tensile strength. The exterior layer is covered with high density UV-resistant polyethylene to protect and insulate while sliding on surface.

With 6 different lengths to choose from, technicians should be able to tackle most jobs.

How to fix rodder ends with attachments, please go to the "More Information" tab for basic instructions.

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Features and Benefits

  • UV-resistant polyethylene Coating
  • Bright yellow, non-metal/non-conductive rods
  • Easy to use braking systems
  • Comes with handle on carrier
  • Light weight, durable, resistance to acid and alkali, aging resistant, corrosion resistant

More Info


Fiberglass (inner) and high density polyethylene (outer)



Working temperature

- 40 to + 80

Minimum pulling strength

4000 N5%

Tensile Modulus


Consistency of rod


Flexural Modulus


Elongation at Break


Min. Bending Radius


Tensile Strength


Environmental Stress & Crack Resistance



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