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Cat.6 Molded Patch Cables

Cat6 Molded Snagless Patch Cable

Description of Cat.6 Molded Patch Cables

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With thriving content and media being in high demand, being able to handle numerous request for content would slow down connections with lower bandwidth. The best connectivity means having the highest category possible.

Cat6 patch cables are noteworthy for increasing (doubling) signal bandwidth from its predecessor, category 5; therefore, these patch cables are suitable for 10G Base-T networks. Both UL listed and a product of the TIA/EIA standards, these molded patch cables have reliable quality and specifications. These standards ensure that you will receive a product that meets the specifications displayed for your structured cable environment.

Patch cables are designed for use with network adapters, hubs, routers, switches, DSL/Cable Modems, patch panels and other computer networking applications. Wired with T568B (AT&T 258A) and a UTP unshielded twisted pair to cancel out electromagnetic interference and keep a strong signal. Manufactured with the thickest 50 micron gold plates for durability, these patch cables can be connected and disconnected up to 550 times!

Category 6 Patch Cables also include a molded, snagless boot for longevity. Boots are desirable to have on RJ-45 connectors, which are notorious for easily getting snagged which makes the connector useless. Molded boots resist wear and tear by providing more flexibility to where the connector meets the insulators, which is the more vulnerable portion of the cable.

Available in various sizes to meet any distance requirement as well as available in nine colors for easy color-coding!

Cat6 Molded Patch Cable Specs

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed For: Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Patch Panels and other Computer Networking applications
  • Certification: TIA/EIA
  • T568B (AT&T 258A) Wired
  • UTP Unshielded Twist Pair
  • CM Type PVC Jacket
  • 24AWG 4pair Stranded Copper Wire
  • 50 Micron Gold Plated RJ45 Plug
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Listed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Purple, Red, White or Yellow


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