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Cat.6 Molded Patch Cables

Increase your signal bandwidth with these Category 6 molded snaglaess patch cables.
from $0.65

V-Max Cat6 UTP Plenum Fire Retardant Cable

High-speed, flame retardant cable.
from $297.00

V-Max CAT6 UTP 4-pair LAN PVC Cable

4-pair local area network cable with fast Gigabit Ethernet connection.
from $133.65

V-Max Cat6 UTP 550MHz PVC Cable

This utp cable implements a category 6 Ethernet connection with faster speeds.
from $130.25

Cat6 4 Pair Solid Wire Shielded Cable

Shielded twisted pair cable for outdoor applications.
from $182.50

Cat6 Solid Wire Bulk Network Data Cable

High performance computer networking cable for commercial sites.
from $116.25

Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable

Stranded wire network cable for greater conductivity.
from $114.30

Cat6 UTP Direct Burial Outdoor Network Cable

Category 6 network cables for underground installation.
from $158.30

Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Cable Shielded

A shielded STP stranded Category 6 network cable.
from $183.60

Cat6 Non-Boot Patch Cables

Supports bandwidth intensive applications such as broadband video and digital video!
from $0.65

Cat6 Shielded and Non-Shielded Cross Patch Cables

Directly connect two devices, such as computers and game machines.
from $0.69

Cat.6 Flat Patch Cable - Black

Easily fit between cramped spaces, under carpets, up walls and even behind furniture!
from $1.10

Cat 6 Shielded Patch Cables

Protect from EMI/ RFI interference!
from $1.45

CAT.6A Non-Shielded Patch Cables

Non-Shielded Augmented Category 6 Patch Cables
from $1.47

Cat 6A Shielded Patch Cables

Protect your plugs while extending your network!
from $2.18

Smart Pack CAT6 Patch Cords for Neat Patch Cable Management

Accessory for Neat Patch Cable Management
from $77.00

CAT6 Datacom Network Cables - Bulk Box

from $130.00

V-Max CAT6 600Mhz CMXT Direct Burial Cable - STP/Waterproof

The CAT6 CMXT Direct Burial Cable is optimal for installing an internet in the ground.
from $229.95

V-Max CAT6 CMXF Direct Burial UTP Gel-Filled Cable

The CAT6 CMXF Direct Burial Cable is ideal for outdoor and underground Ethernet network installation.
from $249.99
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