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ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers

ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers with all color options

Description of ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers

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The ChordSaver Floor Cord Cover is a distinctive solution for protection of all your cords and cables. Anyone who runs cords or cables for their equipment like DJ's, musical bands, concert halls and/or exhibition shows, would greatly benefit from the use of this product.

With its two-part, snap-together design, the Chord Saver Floor Cord Cover keeps cords and cables untangled, unharmed and out of sight.

They are reliable enough to withstand the heaviest of foot traffic areas, reusable for different applications and simple to use with its fast-snap design, while providing the ultimate protection that your equipment demands.

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Features and Benefits

  • Various colors to match different floor types, including a custom stainable wood finish
  • Dual, tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place
  • Eliminate the use of expensive duct or gaffers tapes that provide zero protection
  • Interlock to desired length
  • Safe to walk on and reduces tripping hazards
  • Holds up to (4) 1/4” cables
  • Two-part, snap-together device that keeps cords and cables untangled and out of sight.


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Solid Product 9/21/2017
Reviewed by: Joe MacConnel from Arizona.
Very happy with the cord cover. Matched our wood floors nicely!
Great Looking, Great Safety 7/24/2017
Reviewed by: Dale from White Plains, MD.
First, Electroduct service is terrific. I ordered the wrong wood color in the ChordSavers, and no sooner did I return them than I had the replacements! I then ordered the stainable ChordSavers and, using a stain to match my floors, they "disappear" and yet hold down numerous chords for our new electric couches, lamps, video games, charging devices! It has saved our lamps being pulled off the end tables by passersby, and keeps our elderly dog and young grandson from tripping hazards! Thank you
Great option 12/15/2016
Reviewed by: Robert K from Studio City, CA.
This item works great with our medium-to-dark colored flooring. Blends in nicely. Sturdy and stylish too...
Pleased 7/7/2014
Reviewed by: Juliecan from Marion Iowa.
I ordered this for my 76 year old mother, who had a power cord she was worried about tripping over. She likes the product, although she wishes the base was also almond instead of black. It has a small amount of black edge showing, which I think makes it more visible which is also good.
Cord cover 3/20/2014
Reviewed by: Jim from New Albany IN.
Just what I was looking for my hard wood floors. Looks great and stays put.
Excellent Product 9/18/2013
Reviewed by: Mike from Virginia.
Ordered just a single piece in order to test it out, not only it is durable, the wood finish looks great and I'll be ordering more to finish off my application. Only downside would be I wish the bottom was color matched to the top.
ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers 1/20/2013
Reviewed by: Jim from Huntington Beach .
Fantastic product. Worked great on our hardwood floors to cover up speaker wires
Nice Service 1/1/2013
Reviewed by: k from Chicago.
ordered a cord cover, received it promptly
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer 10/1/2012
Reviewed by: Tom from Centralia, IL.
I got the stainable Cord Saver product. It is very sturdy and stays put on wood floors. I have a 14 ga. speaker wire, coaxial cable and a basic electric extension cable running through it with a little room to spare. The stainable wood finish looks very nice after matching it to the color of the wood floor.
chord covers 7/14/2012
Reviewed by: alison from albuquerque.
They look really natural to the color of my wood floors. SO glad I found these!


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