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RCA Component Video Cables

ca-bl-cvc-202180 3 rca component video cable

Description of RCA Component Video Cables

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Choose from our selection of high quality component video cables that offer high definition, maximum fidelity, minimal loss, and uncompromising performance for your DVD, projectors, home-theater and cable/satellite systems.

There is an assortment of Component Video Cables such as gold plated 3 RCA / 3 RCA male cables; 5 RCA / 5 RCA male video cables; and heavy duty gold plated 5 RCA / 5 RCA component video cable housed in a 17mm round single jacket.

Heavy duty video cables are ideal to be used for performance stage or studios with heavy traffic. Gold plated component cables come with 3 video (red, green, blue) and 2 audio (black, white) cables.

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