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Cord Hog Cable Organizer

Cord Hogs

Description of Cord Hog Cable Organizer

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Introductory Price: $5.09 per pack.
For a limited time only.

Why have cable clutter when tidying up loose cables is easier than ever thanks to the Cord Hog Cable Wrap. Made from durable Injection Molded Poly-Propylene shaped into a pine cone design, the Cord Hog cord organizer quickly gobbles up to 12 feet of wire while still looking stylish on desk, kitchen and other counter tops.

With a dimension of 2.25"H x 2.25"W, CordHog wire organizer is compact enough to fit in briefcases and backpacks to help manage iPods, laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices that may have long wires attached to them.

Available in an array of colors to match or stand out!

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Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates up to 0.24" cables.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong material for years of abuse.
  • Great for storing extra cables.


why don't you have this? 7/25/2011
Reviewed by: Steve from GR MI.
This is a gadget-lovers best friend, because if you have gadgets, you have cords to manage. Sync, power and network cords or earbuds all play nice in the bottom of your bag -- out of the way but easy to find and deploy.
Materials Specialist 7/11/2011
Reviewed by: Roger from Aiken, SC.
Amazingly simple, yet effective. Great idea.
Cord Hog, Nice Product 7/11/2011
Reviewed by: Leslie D. from New Orleans , La..
Received my cord hog the other day, love the product, really helps with cord clutter! Nice customer service and a great product, Thanks!
Best Messy Cord Solution 7/9/2011
Reviewed by: Cari Begin from Roswell, GA.
The Cord Hog is an affordable cord organization solution. They are fun and easy to use. The quality for the price is great!
M 7/8/2011
Reviewed by: Julie from Michigan.
I love my Cord Hogs. I'm currently using about 20 of them between my car, home, and classroom. Without Cord Hogs, I'd never keep all my stuff straight...or charged.
Mr. 7/6/2011
Reviewed by: Luke Victor from Charlotte, NC.
I love this product. It's small and durable and very cool to look at - a great conversation piece. Everyone I show it to says - wow - that's so cool. And it's TOUGH. So many cord organizers are too expensive or break easily. The Cord Hog is neither - buy some!



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