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D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

Description of D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

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Strong enough to handle vehicular traffic, the D-2 rubber cord protector shields wires, power cord(s), and CAT5 (Category 5) cable(s) making this a must for any standard computer station set-up.

The D-2 series rubberduct comes in three different colors (Black, Grey and Brown) and is available in 5-foot and 10-foot lengths that can be cut to fit and match any work area.

This cord protector comes SLIT on the center channel for easy universal installation for connected cables.

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Features and Benefits

  • Lay flat and easy to install
  • Skid-resistant grip to reduce slipping
  • Non-conductive up to 1,500 volts
  • Heat-resistant up to 300 F
  • Provides safe working environment
  • Additional Technical Specifications


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Cord Cover 2/25/2014
Reviewed by: Bill Tulip from Panama City, FL.
This is a top quality product. It unrolled and laid flat within an hour. Highly recommended.
D-2 Rubber Duct Cover 10/24/2013
Reviewed by: Dave Daru from Massachusetts.
This item is very well made and very sturdy. It works perfecly for me.
? 7/13/2013
Reviewed by: John Bonner from charlotte NC.
Good Product; good service
Rubber Cord Cover 6/10/2013
Reviewed by: Philip from Dallas, TX.
The product performs just as I expected. Delivery was speedy and it was easy to install. The two desks where we used it are off from the wall and the cord cover holds a power cord, phone line & data line with ease.
Housewife 5/29/2013
Reviewed by: Sarah from Illinois.
This was perfect. Lays flat immediately. Blends in perfectly with weathered outdoor pavers.
Good quality, lays flat 3/31/2013
Reviewed by: Sue from Philadelphia, PA.
The cord cover was of good quality, lays flat. The ordering and delivery was painless. The only thing I would add is more color choices. We are using this on cream-colored carpet and had to choose the gray color.
D@ Rubber Duct Cover 11/19/2012
Reviewed by: Dave from Coeur d Aelne, Idaho.
Nice heavy rubber material. Unfolded flat right out of the box. Nice to have a color choice other than gray as well.
Owner/Chiropractic Physician 11/11/2012
Reviewed by: Gail from PA.
I needed to cover air compressor tubing and thick electrical wires at the office to prevent tripping. Electriduct was the best option I found with size choices to fit my needs. A plus was the choice of three colors. Very sturdy and easy to use. Very happy with my purchase.
Excellent product 9/16/2012
Reviewed by: Todd from Omaha.
Right out of the box, dropped it down on the floor and within about a minute, it was already laying perfectly flat on the floor. Had owned a similar product that we threw away because it would never lay flat and caused more of a tripping hazard than the cords we were trying to cover up.
Retired 7/18/2012
Reviewed by: Harry Darling from Burnt Hills, NY.
I have been trying to get a rubber duct cover for some sound system wires at our church and found the covers at a local Staples and Office Max to be junk vinyl that would not unroll and stay flat. These are much better, but do cost a bit more.


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