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D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

Description of D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

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The heavy duty D-300 single channel cable protector by Electriduct is structurally designed specifically for warehouse/outdoor use to withstand car and truck traffic while shielding precious cables/hoses.

With its SPLIT channel, flexible design and 3 different sizes to choose from, the D-300's easy installation makes protecting cables and hoses a breeze from the rigid ground to the elements of outdoor exposure.

Look in the "Video" tab for quick instructions on how to uncoil your RubberDuct

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Features and Benefits


Project Manager 12/22/2015
Reviewed by: Fred Woodward from Tucson Air Traffic Control Tower.
The product is very sturdy and durable as advertised. Will work well for the purpose intended. The main attribute is that the product is easily modified in the field to suit the actual lengths and cabling for which it is to traverse.
D-300 12/12/2015
Reviewed by: Rob L from Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.
Excellent Product. It stays in place and is very durable. Excellent Sales and Customer Service as well!
Hose Protector will more than do the job! 5/26/2015
Reviewed by: Mike Nelson from Newport United Methodist Church.
I received the D-300 Rubber Duct hose protector from Electriduct promptly and safely and it was very easy to put in place. We are running an electrical supply cable and an audio snake across an exit way and the product's shape is perfect for not creating a second hump before the threshold. I am confident that my employer and the inspector will agree. I think that these protectors will hold up in an industrial setting as well; I would definitely buy one here again should the application arise.
as promised 3/20/2015
Reviewed by: Elaine from kansas.
Delivered earlier than promised and product is exactly as expected. thank you!
excellent product 2/15/2014
Reviewed by: Virginia from CA.
We have purchased these to cover some exposed piping on a deck. It works perfectly. Product was exactly as described. Quality is excellent. I wish they would sell the brown ones in longer lengths.
D-300 Rubber Duct Hose Protector 12/2/2013
Reviewed by: Mike B from Green Bay, WI.
Shipped on time. Postage was a little more than I thought it should have been, but the material that the unit is made out of is heavy and durable. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for some wire protection.
Manufacturing Facilitator 6/13/2012
Reviewed by: Jeff from PA.
This product worked great for my needs.
just me 1/27/2012
Reviewed by: paul vlastelica from bremerton, wa. 98312.
great product. used it to protect a PVC pipe across my driveway. it works beautifully.
Service Rep 2/27/2009
Reviewed by: Dennis Carl from Great Falls Mt.
Great web site, all product info at your finger tips


More Info

Additional Technical Specifications
Rubber compound is carbon black and clay loaded
Durometer 85
Tensile Strength 1050 psi
Elongation 175%
Tear 190 ppi
Sp. Gravity 1.46

Additional Benefits

  • Low Profile and floor hugging ribbed underside/bottom reduce slipping & tripping.
  • Strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic as well vehicular traffic.
  • Easily removed and then replaced after floor cleaning.
  • With a little cleaning and wax, the Electriduct Cable Protectors will look LIKE NEW!!
  • Low Cost: Licensed electricians with costly overhead are NOT required to install our cord covers. And compared to the product line that closely relates in durability, polyurethane, Electriduct Cord Covers are an outstanding value!!
  • Experience: Electriduct, Inc has been manufacturing cord covers for 50 years!!
  • Reliability: The Electriduct standard units bear the UL Label and have been approved for use by the U.S. Postmaster General, General Services Administration (GSA) and the Defense Department.

What makes Electriduct Rubber Duct Cord Covers better than the rest?

Superior to 'Plastic-Duct': Plastic cord covers tend to retain memory when placed on the floor and they also have a tendency to edge curl, making tripping more of a danger.

Superior to 'Metal-Duct': Electriduct Cable Protectors are not slippery or easy to trip over like metal duct. And, unlike metal ducts, ElectriDucts are noiseless and dent-proof and cost much less to install.

Electriduct's are constructed of a superior RUBBER compound that provides an excellent vulcanizing quality and a highly rated resistance to the following elements: tearing, abrasion, heat, cold, water absorption and oxidation!!

AFFORDABLE/DURABLE light duty cable protectors and cord covers for the home, office & job-site!!

Comparable in price to plastic cord covers but durable and built to last like polyurethane cable protectors.


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