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The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

Yellow Do-max Single Channel cable protector

Description of The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

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Made from cast molded polyurethane, the DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector is light weight and designed to endure pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Cables and hoses in high traffic areas can quickly be concealed under the DO-MAX cord cover has a 1.5 by 1.5 single channel, while the yellow exterior ensures visual notice. The Diamond-tread pattern top increases surface traction and the low angle shape allows for easy crossing for all traffic.

This Drop Over cable ramp can easily extend its length because of its built-in connection system enabling it to provide refuge over long running cables.

With the DO-MAX Single Channel cable cover, protection and safety is a few seconds away!

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US HTS / Schedule B# 3926.90.9995

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Features and Benefits

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Very solid product 10/10/2017
Reviewed by: Lee from Citrus Heights, CA.
This is a great product. I ran electrical cable through 1" conduit across a gravel driveway with 7 of these protecting it. They are very solid, well built, and interlocking works great. Many cars and trucks have driven over them without issue.
DO-Max Single Channel Cable Protector 3/16/2017
Reviewed by: Tom Pincu from Los Angeles, CA.
This product is exactly what I wanted. Works perfectly. I'm running a #8/4 conductor SO cable under it for an emergency generating system.


More Info

Click here for Chemical, Oil and Solvent Resistance Test Data Results.

DO-Max Single Channel Cord Protector Specifications
Operating Temperature: -40F to 120F (-40C to 48C)
Maximum Load Rating: 21,000 lbs. per Axel
Material: Durathane (Polyurethane)
Testing and Standards
Hardness, Durometer: ASTM D2240
Modulus: ASTM D412
Ultimate Tensile Strength: ASTM D412
Elongation: ASTM D412
Tear Strength: ASTM D624 Die C
Compression Set: ASTM D395 Method B
Rebound: ASTM D2632
Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D1044 Tabor H22
Abrasion Resistance NBS: ASTM D1630


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