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Dual Shield RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

Dual Shield RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

Description of Dual Shield RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

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For better protection and transmission of your video devices, use some Dual Shielded Rg59 Copper Coaxial cables. Made of 60% braided with copper, and also protected with aluminum foil these video cables are highly resistant.

Commonly known as STP cables, wires that are encased in a shielded cable offer greater resistance to alien interference and cross-talk—a big problem in radio and television broadcasting. With a pair of RG59 coaxial cables with double shielding, you can set-up composite video, digital cable, and satellite TV and consistently receive data without fail.

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Features and Benefits

  • RG59 coaxial cable, made out of 60% copper braid + aluminum foil
  • UL Listed
  • Great for video applications such as VCRs and digital cable
  • PVC jacket sheath
  • 23AWG conductors


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