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E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape

E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tapes

Description of E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape

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DIY projects are very common nowadays, and that means any Do-It-Yourselfer is looking for something easy yet dependable for their next job. E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape is one of those items that DIY calls for. Designed with an aggressive adhesive that spreads evenly, this drywall tape installs easily and quickly to save time and frustration.

Stronger than fiberglass mesh and regular drywall tape, E-Z stick finishing tape is made from one layer of paper and is creased for easy corner applications without needing to worry about bulges that could catch wires and other components. Available in 125 and 200 feet rolls, theres plenty of E-Z drywall finishing tape to go around.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made from one layer of paper with no top release liner
  • Designed with an aggressive adhesive to form a strong bond
  • Center creased for easy corner application
  • Ultra thin construction allows for quick installation
  • Joint compound spreads evenly
  • Includes trilingual packaging and easy to comprehend instructions
  • Stronger than fiberglass mesh tape or regular drywall tape



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