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Digital Multimeters  Digital Multimeters

Triplett True RMS Digital Multimeter

from $99.99

Digital VOM / Cable Tester: HY4300

from $29.77

Mini Digital Multimeter - DT830D

from $9.95

Digital Multimeter - DT820D Series

from $12.25

Digital Multimeter - MY60

from $25.50

Digital Multimeter - MAS830L

from $14.75

AC Amp / Clamp Meter - DT266C

from $17.25

Mini Digital Multimeter - DT-812

from $9.95

Digital Multimeter w/Capacitance Model 9007 - Triplett

With a larger LCD than its predecessors and added backlight, our new Digital Multimeter w/Capacitance is sure to meet and exceed your network testing needs!
from $56.05

Triplett Pocket Sized DMM

A high-quality digital multimeter in a small, pocket size.
from $23.95

Triplett Envirometer

An environmental multimeter for testing light, sound, and humidity.
from $130.95
Voltage Meters  Voltage Meters

Triplett Sniff-It & Sniff-It 2

This product helps you locate AC Voltage!
from $14.95
Circuit Tracers/Testers  Circuit Tracers/Testers

Triplett Breaker Sniff-it Type 2 Digital Circuit Breaker Locator

This digital breaker locator by Triplett is micro-processor controlled which reduces false readings.
from $46.74
Clamp Meters  Clamp Meters

AC Amp / Clamp Meter - DT266C

from $17.25

Digital Clamp-On Meters - Triplett

from $49.95

CMT-80 Clamp On Electrical Tester - Greenlee

from $125.19
Energy Cost Meters  Energy Cost Meters

Kill A Watt Electricity Power Meter

Just like the electric company, the Kill-A-Watt measures consumption by the kilowatt-hour and displays this information on the Kill-A-Watt’s easily-readable LCD display
from $29.95
Receptacle Testers  Receptacle Testers

Triplett Plug-Bug GFCI Receptacle Tester

Designed for use on 110 – 125 VAC receptacles, the Triplett Plug Receptacle tester detects common wiring problems in both standard and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.
from $5.95
Analog Meters  Analog Meters

Analog Multitester - YX360TRNA

from $13.20

Triplett SatAlign 2 Satelite Signal Strength Meter

Digital Satellite Signal Strength Meter with Tone.
from $29.95

Triplett Classic VOM

Voltage tester with 25 ranges.
from $305.00

Triplett Analog Hand Sized Testers

Hand sized voltage meters with 18 ranges and functions.
from $114.99

Triplett Ruggedized VOM

The best VOM in the industry.
from $379.05

Triplett Railroad Test Set

An analog meter for measuring the signal parameters of railroad coding equipment.
from $1,317.89

Triplett Telco Transmission Test Set

Telephone transmission line tester combined with a multimeter.
from $6.00
Specialty Testers  Specialty Testers

Triplett Chek-A-Cell

Digital battery tester for 6 and 12 volt batteries.
from $89.00

ProTemp Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Triplett

from $69.00

Triplett SatAlign 2 Satelite Signal Strength Meter

Digital Satellite Signal Strength Meter with Tone.
from $29.95

WireMaster HDMI - Triplett

A lightweight, rugged, simple to use HDMI Cable Tester
from $67.99

ProTemp 12 - Triplett

Using laser technology, check the surface temperaturs of objects without making contact.
from $69.99
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