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Reflective Rubber Curb Ramp - Electriduct

4" Rise Reflective Curb Ramp with optional End Caps

Description of Reflective Rubber Curb Ramp - Electriduct

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This 4" Tall Rubber Curb Ramp can support up to 15 Tons (30,000lbs) allowing vehicles such as cars, trucks, RV's and other heavy equipment to safely transition up and down levels

The ribbed surface and reflective yellow caution indicators provides adequate traction which is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications for vehicles that need curb access.

You can transport curb ramp in your vehicle so you always have access, or use the integrated mounting holes to permanent mount your ramp at your warehouse or home.

With a modular design, you can create you own curb ramp width size, also ending each ramp with a smooth transition end cap.

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Features and Benefits

  • 4" rise perfect for standard curbs
  • Durable rubber material for all-weather applications
  • Mounting holes allow for permanent installation
  • Modular design, allows for combining multiple ramps together



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