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Rubber Threshold Ramp - Electriduct

2.5" Rise Rubber Threshold Ramp

Description of Rubber Threshold Ramp - Electriduct

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Safety and accessibility, this 2.5" height Rubber Threshold Ramp allows wheelchairs, walkers and scooters to transition and maneuver easily over door ways, entryways, raised landings or other small height transitions.

Able to support hundreds of pounds, the durable rubber material works great for indoor and outdoor environments, offers superior traction, prevent slips and its totally transportable.

Due to the rubber material makeup, trimming the threshold ramp is possible to fit a specific area.

3 channels integrated in the ramp design can accommodate wires, cables or hoses to pass along the doorway.

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Features and Benefits

  • 2.5" rise for smooth transitions
  • Durable rubber material for all-weather applications
  • 3 channel design to accommodate wires, cables and hoses in front of doorways



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