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Heat Shrink End Caps & End Caps with Valves

Heat shrink end cap tubing provides perfect protection against moisture, abrasion or any other types of chemicals that may be hazardous to your wires or cables. The heat shrink end caps can also be of great use with conduit, pipes and other related objects.
from $0.70

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Electriduct

A seamless butt splice connector with brazed seam rings and spades for low profile applications.
from $0.81

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals - Electriduct

Also known as ring tongue connectors, are easy to install by crimping to your wire and fastening them with a screw, bolt or stud.
from $0.90

Univeral Staples , Brad Nails, Pin Nails - Electriduct

from $1.00

Accessories for Latching Surface Cable Raceways - Electriduct

from $1.39

Large Plastic Oval Desk Grommet

from $2.99

Multi-Outlet Wall Adapters - Electriduct

  • 3 & 6 Outlets
  • Polarized
  • Grounded & 2 Prong
  • UL LIsted
from $2.99

Cord Channel Raceway & Accessories

For one cord applications, this surface raceway is the smallest we feature.
from $3.25

Heat Shrink Breakout Boots - Electriduct

Insulate and seal cable breakouts in multiconductor cable runs.
from $3.50

Electriduct Wood Grain Contact Paper

Resurface everything from walls to cord covers and cable protectors with our Wood Grain Contact Paper. Eye catching and stylish, eliminate eyesores while impressing friends with your new wood grain decor!
from $4.00

The Spine Wire Manager

from $4.00

Wire Channel Raceway & Accessories

Two-piece design makes installing loose cables easy before placing on walls.
from $4.95

Latching Surface Cable Raceways - Electriduct

Various size options
2 color choices
Accessories available
from $4.99

Painters Pre-taped Masking Film Plastic Drop Cloths

from $4.99

Industrial Grade Fray Resistant Expandable Braided Sleeving

Free Standard Shipping
Multiple Sizes and Lengths Available
from $5.60

Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Have a loose cable, or maybe two, either way the Cable Shield is for you! Different sizes availble for use in homes and offices to cover small wire runs, or large size shields for studio's and warehouses with lots of cables.
from $6.40

Plastic Flanged Wire Guard

Large cable bundles can be safely routed and protected using our custom wire guard system.
from $7.16

Hook Self Closing Braided Wrap

Bendable, easy to install and durable, this wrap around sleeving will work for most applications.
from $7.50

Anti-Slip Non-Skid Floor Tapes - Electriduct

2 types of traction
Cut to desired lengths
Works on most surfaces
from $7.75

Plastic Cord Covers - Electriduct

Low cost solution to tidy up an area with cords lying on the floor around computer stations, entertainment systems and other electronics found in homes and offices.
from $7.99

Expandable Braided Zipper Sleeving

from $7.99

Acrylic Double Sided Mounting Tapes - Up to 100 lbs

Industrial Strength Adhesive
3 Size Options
Works both indoor and outdoor
from $8.00

Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving with Hook & Loop Fastener

Quickly clean up existing loose cables by bundling in one protective braided sleeving wrap.
from $8.25

Gator Sleeve Braided Wrap Around Sleeving - Electriduct

A tightly woven, super-strong braided wrap-around sleeving.
from $8.60

Heavy Duty Metal Packing Tape Dispenser Guns

Metal Construction
Pistol Grip Handle
Adjustable Tension Control
from $8.99

Wind-IT Side Entry Braided Sleeving - Electriduct

Ultra lightweight PET braided sleeving for great abrasion resistance.
from $9.10

Soldering Iron and Sets

from $9.46

Stainless Steel Wall Plates Light Switch Covers - Electriduct

from $9.50

Thermo Armor Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fire Sleeve

from $9.90

Flat Plug Power Extension Cords

High quality extension cords with a flat plug design for tighter spaces.
from $9.99

Universal Cable Jacket Stripper Tool

from $9.99

Rubber Corner Guard Wall Protectors

from $9.99

Vinyl Insulated Butt Splice Connectors - Electriduct

from $10.00

Packing Box Sealing Tapes - Electriduct

Color Options
Size Options
Quality Sealing
from $10.29

Electriduct Solid Wall Wire Duct

Managing your wires while maintaining a clean and finished look, the Electriduct Solid Wall Wire Duct is perfect to be utilized when side wall access is unnecessary and break-outs are not required.
from $10.86

ElectriDuct Open Slot Wire Duct

Inexpensive wiring duct that gets the job done!
from $11.75

19" Universal Horizontal Cable Managers - Electriduct

from $12.75

Metal Plier Staplers - Model 210 - Electriduct

from $12.95

Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeving

Protect against radiant heat and aid in the longevity of your hoses and cables.
from $13.44

Industrial Grade Nylon Braided Sleeving

from $13.92

Anti-Slip Rubber Safety Floor Mats

from $14.60

Aluminum Metal Surface Cable Raceway - Electriduct

from $14.75

Cabinet Cooling Fan - Universal Appliction

from $14.99

Helping Hands Magnifing Glass with LED Lights and Soldering Station

from $14.99

Parking Safety Spring Posts - Electriduct

from $14.99

Automatic Wire Stripper with Cable Cutter Hand Tool

from $15.00

Tinned Copper Metal Braided Sleeving

from $15.00

Keystone Patch Panels - Electriduct

from $15.95

4:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Tubing Kit

The most versatile ratio heat shrink tubing.
from $15.99

Long Trigger Glue Guns - Electriduct

from $16.99

8-18AWG Easy Automatic Wire Stripper

from $17.00

D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

Our most popular! The D-2 series cord protector is perfect for covering exposed cables in workstations and offices while providing a safe, trip-free environment.
from $17.50

Plastic Parking Mat Guide - Electriduct

from $17.50

25 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Set with Telescoping Extension and Quick Release

from $17.50

Hammer Tacker Staplers - Model 1004 - Electriduct

from $17.99

Traffic Cone Topper Retractable Barrier Belts - Electriduct

from $17.99

Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

from $18.97

Electronic Master Tool Kits - Electriduct

from $19.99

Adjustable Hot Air Gun - Electriduct

from $19.99

GFCI In-Line Portable Cords - Electriduct

from $19.99

Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector

Economical and stylish, the Home `n` Office Drop Over is a Light Duty cord protector used in homes and offices to cover up those exposed cords resting on the floor.
from $22.50

Adjustable Temperature Soldering Pots - Electriduct

from $22.99

Wire Duct Cutter - Electriduct

Specially made for use with cutting wire ducts and covers.
from $25.00

Right Angle Triple Tap GFCI Adapter - Electriduct

from $25.00

3.75" Height Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Block Curbs - Electriduct

from $27.50

Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord - UL Listed

Simply place the open end of the cable cover near the power source, plug it in, run the flat extension cord cover to the equipment that needs power, plug that in, and THAT'S IT!!!
from $27.50

D-22 Rubber Duct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

The D-22 medium size rubber duct is perfect to accommodate more or larger cables that are found in offices and warehouses.
from $28.00

Delineator Posts - Electriduct

from $29.50

D-1 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

The D-1 series is a single channel cord cover that is perfect for home/office applications with only one small wire to protect.
from $35.00

4" Polypropylene Plastic Portable Curb Ramps - Electriduct

from $35.00

Electric Hot Knife Cutter for Rope, Sleeving & Foam - Electriduct

Pistol Grip Design
150W Power
2 Blade Options
from $37.99

D-3 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

This 2 channel cord cover is specially made by Electriduct to protect small guage wires/cords in any home or office.
from $39.50

Power and Data Extension Cord

Finally a simple solution to a pesky problem, bringing power and data to a computer in need of it! Available in 5', 10', 15' & 25' the PDE's will allow you to power up your computer almost anywhere!
from $39.99

Flip Top MINI In-Desk Power Centers - Electriduct

from $39.99

5 Ton Rubber Curb Ramp - 4" Height - Electriduct

from $42.99

D-100 Rubber Duct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The D-100 series medium size rubber cable protector is a must for those high traffic office and warehouse areas that require protection for many or large cables.
from $44.75

Furniture Power and Data Centers

from $45.00

Modular Rubber Traffic Speed Bumps - Electriduct

from $49.99

Reflective Rubber Curb Ramp - Electriduct

from $49.99

Manual Stainless Steel Cable Tie Self Tensioning and Cutting Tool - Electriduct

from $49.99

Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutters - Electriduct

from $69.00

Electriduct Medium Size Cable Cover

Made from rubber, the Electriduct® Medium Size Cable Cover is flexible enough to contour to any floor, provides superior grip for foot traffic and can handle the harsh elements of outdoor environments.
from $69.99
from $49.99

D-200 RubberDuct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The heavy duty D-200 rubber cable protector is one of our more popular models because of its four channels (two large center channels and two smaller outside channels) and low-profile design, making it versatile in being an indoor/outdoor cable protector.
from $72.50

Bench Mount Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter - Electriduct

from $75.00

Hidden Metal Pop-Up Table Top Box Power Centers

from $79.50

D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

To offer protection for large cables or hoses, the D-300 is designed to withstand warehouse/outdoor abuse and heavy traffic.
from $85.00

Side Blade Bench Mount Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter - Electriduct

from $85.00

Portable Plastic Fence Barriers

Bright Color with Reflectors
Links Together
Light Weight for Portability
from $89.99

E-PRO Wall Mount Cabinets - Electriduct

Good quality cabinets designed for on surface or wall mounted applications.
from $89.99

Rubber Threshold Ramp - Electriduct

from $94.99

The HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A 3 channel, Heavy Duty Cable Protector at an economical price!
from $99.00

Multi-Gate Portable Outdoor Expandable Barricade

from $99.99

The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A heavy duty cable protector that glows in the dark!
from $119.99
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