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Caulk | Sealant | Putty  Caulk | Sealant | Putty

STI SpecSeal SSP Putty

from $5.96

STI SpecSeal® LC Series Endothermic Sealant

A water and latex based endothermic firestop sealant for penetrations and joints.
from $7.60

Fire Barrier IC 15WB Sealant by 3M

No mixing required, just apply and let dry.
from $13.87

STI SpecSeal Series LCI Intumescent Sealant

from $8.99

Nelson FSP Firestop Putty

from $13.03

Abesco CP310 FR Acrylic Intumescent Caulk

from $8.99

3M™ Fire Barrier CP 25WB+ Caulk

A premium latex caulk used to protect against fire, smoke and water.
from $21.95

Abesco FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam

Quick fire protection concealed in a spray can!
from $15.00

Nelson Firestop LBS3™ Latex Sealant

Works to keep your walls fire rated.
from $19.94

STI SpecSeal Triple S Intumescent Sealant 10.1 oz Tube

An Intumescent Caulk Sealant by STI is water-based for easy clean up and can be quickly applied to cracks, gaps and blank openings to form a fire rated seal.
from $17.86

Abesco Fire Rated Putty

Carry this fire rated putty by Abeso in your tool box because this hand applied intumescent putty will not dry out and can be molded around existing wall penetrations.
from $18.78

STI SpecSeal® Series CS Cable Spray

SpecSeal® Series CS Cable Spray from STI is a latex-based coating designed to protect electrical cables against the spread of fire.
from $321.35
Fire Stop Devices  Fire Stop Devices

Flammable Storage Safety Cabinet Accessories - Eagle

from $20.69

STI Ready® Firestop Grommet

Clean, easy, and affordable alternative to foam or putty firestop products for single cable penetration!
from $26.25

STI Firestop E-Z Path® Fire Rated Cableway

Specified Technologies designed a built-in fire and smoke sealing protection system with-in the EZ Path fire rated pathway. Penetrate your cables through fire rated walls while still sustaining fire safety regulations.
from $83.27

Abesco CT 120 Cable Transit w/Mounting Sets

Avoid costly and damaging repairs with the Abesco CT Cable Transit System.
from $59.99

Flammable Storage Safety Cabinets - Eagle

Keep your work environment safe by providing a safety storage cabinet for holding flammable materials.
from $391.23
Pillows | Bricks  Pillows | Bricks

SpecSeal Series SSB Firestop Pillows - STI

Save time and effort by using Specified Technologies Firestop Pillows to fill gaps and spaces around pass-thru pipes and cables to help prevent fire penetration.
from $12.36

3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows

Easy to install and replace as needed, Fire Pillows gives added protection in case of a fire.
from $28.56
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