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Flame Retardant Black Wire Loom (Polypropylene) - Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord box of Polyethylene Slit Wire Loom

Description of Flame Retardant Black Wire Loom (Polypropylene) - Gaylord Boxes

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The Black Flame Retardant Slit Wire Loom has a blue strip to identify standard flex tubing from flame retardant. Gaylord size box orders reduce cost per foot and include Free Shipping!

*Product comes SLIT.

UL approved and rated to 275F.

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This product can only ship by Freight Truck!

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Features and Benefits

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4-6 Week Lead time if not in stock
Due to the size and lengths, gaylord boxes may not be continuous lengths.
*Free Shipping only to Commercial Addresses w/ Loading Dock

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