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Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord - UL Listed

Description of Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord - UL Listed

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Do you require an extension cord to extend power from the wall outlet to somewhere in the room, yet you still have a problem? What about having unsightly power cord running across your floor? Worse still, it has managed to turn into a tripping hazard!

Well there are a few options to help eliminate these problems.

Designed for foot traffic Safety: these two outlet lay-flat extension cords have a "three prong plug": the plug protects the user from an electric shock if a wire was to come loose.

Extra 2 feet of cord at the end of the power extension: allows for easier access to the 'wall outlets'.

  • Attention: Due to Beige not being a specific color, but a mixture of colors, beige will vary in different shades such as Yellowish, Greenish, Brownish, bluish, Grayish, etc. tint.

* Due to manufacturing conditions and computer settings, product colors may vary.

Need to run Cat5 Cable with your power extension cords, check out our Power & Data Lay-flat Extensions.

Free Double Sided Tape with order!

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to set-up, easier to take down and even easier to store.
  • Widely used in schools, hospitals, offices and homes across the world.
  • Work great for that temporary application where power is needed for only a short time in ‘strange location’, for instance, that annual dance held on the school’s basketball court or the presentation held in the corporate cafeteria.
  • Low Profile
  • Rated at: 13 AMP, 125 VOLT, 1625 WATTS
  • 16 Gauge Power Cord (16 AWG X3C)


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Retail Store 7/31/2014
Reviewed by: Randy from Rincon, Ga.
Product dose what i needed it to do. keeps store clean and safe :D
Flat electrical power extension cord 7/20/2014
Reviewed by: Bill B. from Thousand Oaks, Ca..
The extension cord worked as advertised. I thought it was going to be a bit flatter, it still worked out well. No more tripping over the old extension cord.
Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord 6/3/2013
Reviewed by: Jason Messick from sparkspace.
Works GREAT in a conference center more fooling with those loose cords.
Historical Society 11/21/2012
Reviewed by: KristinS from Onancock, VA.
After ensuring the true length of the cord, flat portion and plug in portion, we purchased the 5ft cord. It has added that extra bit of security/safety down in the Museum Shop.
Buyer 9/17/2012
Reviewed by: crystal nash from Cincom Systems Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Product exactly as described and laid flat right out of the packaging. Will be ordering more!
Homeowner 7/31/2012
Reviewed by: Harris from New Jersey.
I have three of these. No wires running across the floor, no tripping, looks neat, vacuum right over it. Makes up for the floor outlets I neglected to design into my large room!
Project Manager 7/25/2012
Reviewed by: Gino Ciulla from Canada.
I like the product but the colour of the beige is actually more of a green.
convenient outlet 7/7/2012
Reviewed by: Debra Housel from Snowflake, AZ.
I am really happy with the flat cord. I am considering buying a 2nd.
Mrs. 5/29/2012
Reviewed by: Tracy from Longview (Hallsville) TX.
Worked perfectly, looks very astetically pleasing and arrived as ordered and shipped expediently.
VP 10/25/2011
Reviewed by: Hans Koscielny from Canada .
Consists of standard electrical cord stuffed down an extruded rubber sheathing. Not as flat as in photo.


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