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Flexo Remix PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

Flexo Remix Braided Sleeving

Description of Flexo Remix PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

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In Flexo reMix, our innovative construction process produces a unique visual effect while providing fuller coverage and enhanced protection.

The same PET monofilaments we use for the Flexo PET grade sleeving come alive in these new color combinations. Use Denim, Fire, Camo, Desert Camo And Jungle to add pizzazz to any place you use sleeving.

FLEXO PET REMIX (PTM) is braided from 10 mil polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, resists chemical degradation, UV damage and abrasion.

Continuous operating temperatures of -94 F to 257 F, with a melt temperature of 482 F

RoHS, Halogen Free, UL/CSA, FAR-25

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Braid sleeving 2/23/2017
Reviewed by: Jeff from SUNFIELD.
Product looks great. Shipped fine and in good order.


More Info

Physical Properties
Monofilament Thickness (ASTM D-204) .010
Flammability Rating UL-94
Recommended Cutting Hot Knife
Colors 5
Wall Thickness .025
Tensile Strength - Yarn (ASTM D-2265) lbs. 7.5
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Specific Gravity 1.38
Moisture Absorption % (ASTM D-570) .1 - .2
Hard Vacuum Data (ASTM E-595 at 10-5 torr)
TML .19
CVCM .00
WVR .16
Smoke D-Max (ASTM E-662) 56
Outgassing Medium
Oxygen Index (ASTM D-2863) 21
Chemical Resistance

1=No Effect   2=Little Effect   3=Affected   4=More Affected   5=Severely Affected
Aromatic Solvents 2
Alipahtic Solvents 1
Chlorinated Solvents 3
Weak Bases 1
Strong Bases 2
Salt Water (O-S-1926) 1
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) 1
Lubricating Oil (MIL-A-8243) 1
De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) 1
Strong Acids 3
Strong Oxidants 2
Esters/Ketones 1
UV Light 1
Petroleum 1
Fungus (ASTM G-21) 1
Salts 1
Operating Temperatures
Minimum Continuous -94F/-70C
Maximum Continuous (MIL-I-23053) 257F/125C
Melt (ASTM D-2117) 482F/250C
Other Information
Halogen Free Yes
RoHS Yes
RoHs UnderWriters CSA Recycle ABYC FAR-25


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