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Middle Atlantic RK Series Laminate Equipment Racks

Install multimedia equipment overhead with secure and stylish enclosures.
from $7.42

Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures

Ready-to-go rack enclosures for DIY multimedia installations.
from $35.96

Middle Atlantic SR Series Pivoting Rack Enclosures

Pivoting enclosure for cable concealment and equipment storage.
from $46.71

Middle Atlantic Slim 2 Series Sloped Desktop Racks

Low-profile desktop rack enclosure.
from $53.80

Middle Atlantic RDR Series Designer Racks

Home theater racks able to hold up to 800lbs.
from $67.00

VCR / DVR Security Lock Box - Kendall Howard

If you are looking for the perfect solution to house security VCR and DVR equipment, then this is a product for you.
from $117.00

Middle Atlantic ISRK Under Desk / Mobile Presentation Rack

A convenient cabinet that can be stored under your desk.
from $207.44

Middle Atlantic Rolling Studio Racks

Professional and modern looking rolling server racks.
from $295.06

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures are high quality, configurable and available in many sizes such as 35RU, 40RU and 44RU with a complete line of accessories and cooling options.
from $435.08

Floor Enclosures 400 Series - Quest

For when a wall cabinet enclosure is not enough.
from $569.17

Compact Series SOHO Server Racks - Kendall Howard

Sleek, compact, robust, and mobile SOHO server racks are specially designed for small business, home office, or IT professionals who want more than the bare minimum
from $580.00

PTRK Portable Rolling Racks - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlanticís PTRK Portable Rolling Rack is ideal for applications that require a rugged rack with easy mobility.
from $625.00

MRK Series Rack Enclosures - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic MRK Series Racks are a versatile line of enclosures, ideal for to use where co-location enclosures are needed or easy side panel access arises, or where earthquakes are a possibility
from $700.00

Middle Atlantic SCRK / SCQRK Series Enclosure

Middle Atlantic SCRK enclosures are ideal for applications that need ganging of cabinets for the surveillance or monitoring equipment.
from $720.00

Kendall Howard 3100 Series LINIER Brand Server Rack Cabinets

from $765.29

Floor Enclosures 700 Series - Quest

Features a mesh front door design!
from $809.01

Kendall Howard 3110 Series Linier Server Rack Cabinets

Enclosures designed to store and ventilate network systems.
from $840.00

Middle Atlantic DRK Series Cable Management Enclosures

Heavy-duty rackmounts for network cable installations.
from $1,023.12

Floor Enclosures 500 Series - Quest

Have your choice of a 2 or 3 module design floor enclosure.
from $1,588.07

WMRK Series Configured Multi-Vendor Server Enclosure

Middle Atlanticís WMRK multi-vendor server enclosure is a pre-configured enclosure rack that comes with cable management, passive thermal management and a power strip to meet the requirements of server installations
from $1,800.00
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