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Triplett Fox Jr. and Hound Jr. Compact Wire and Cable Tester

Description of Triplett Fox Jr. and Hound Jr. Compact Wire and Cable Tester

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Made for tracing wires without being large and bulky like its counterparts, the Triplett Fox Jr. and Hound Jr. Compact Wire and Cable Tester is the portable answer to cable and wire testing. Both the Fox Jr. and Hound Jr. are built with a clip and can fit in your pocket for easy use and convenient location. To protect against accidental drops and ensure easy accessibility the Triplett Fox Jr. and Hound Jr. Compact Wire and Cable Tester come in a padded Cordura case.

Fox Jr. Tone Generator
Built with clips and small enough to fit in your pocket, the Fox Jr. Tone Generator is designed for efficient cable and wire testing with maximum portability. Characterized by an adjustable warble tone, the Fox Jr. makes wire connection simple with its RJ-11/RJ-45 combo plug and alligator clips. This tone generator is 120VAC resistant, and includes an A23 battery to power it as well as a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Hound Jr. Inductive Tracer
Capable of detecting Fox Jr. signal from up to 1' away, the Hound Jr.Inductive Tracer features an audio jack, non-conductive probe tip, hi-gain hi-impedance amplifier as well as sensitivity and volume controls. This cable tracer also contains a visible signal strength indicator and an audio beeper that alerts you when the power is low. Included are the 1 year manufacturer's warranty, and an A23 battery.

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Features and Benefits

  • Fox Jr Tone Generator
  • Pocket sized with pocket clip
  • Overload warning beeper - alerts user to potential hazards
  • 120VAC Line cross resistant
  • Includes one A23 battery
  • One Year Standard Warranty
  • Hound Jr Inductive Tracer
  • Pocket sized with pocket clip
  • Small and streamlined for tight places
  • Includes one A23 battery
  • One Year Standard Warranty
  • See "More Information" for more


More Info

 PropertyFox Jr Specs 
 Output Voltage6 volts peak-to-peak square wave into an open circuit 
 Output TypeWarble 
 Output Frequency Range800Hz to 5KHz 
 Frequency AdjustmentThumbwheel 
 Overload ProtectionTolerates 120V AC at 600Hz at alligator clips and modular plugs 
ConnectionsAlligator clips and RJ-11/45 combo mod plugs
 Lead LengthApprox 4" 
 BatteryA23, 12V 
 Size5.8"L x 1.25"W x 0.8"H 
 WeightApprox 1.6oz 

 PropertyHound Jr Specs
 AmplifierJFET and integrated circuit for Hi-impedance and Hi-Gain 
 SensitivityAdjustable with thumbwheel - detects Fox Jr up to 1ft away 
 ProbeNon-conductive, insulated probe 
 Earphone JackAccepts standard 1/8" mini phone plug (mono or stereo). For use with dynamic earphones from 8 Ohms and 2000 Ohms. Auto mutes loud-speaker when earphone in use. Earphones with a shielded cable is suggested to reduce the possibility of feedback.
 Signal Strength IndicatorBright red dual  LED visual
 BatteryA23, 12V 
 Power Beeper ReminderHound Jr beeps & flashes periodically as a reminder that the unit is on.
 Size5.8"L x 1.25"W x 0.8"H 
 WeightApprox 1.7oz 
 Property Fox Jr and Hound Jr Kit
 Case Size6.2"L x 2.8"W 1.3"H 
 WeightApprox 4oz (both units and case) 


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