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Greenlee EZ Reach Fish Tape

EZ Reach Fish Tape

Description of Greenlee EZ Reach Fish Tape

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Cable installations can be a bit of a pain when working around the ceiling or even a wall. You need something to pull the cable through, like fish tape. So what better choice than some Greenlee Steel Fish Tape? This EZ Reach fishing tape can latch onto cable and feed it through all kinds on structures. Pull it through ceilings, walls, under the floor; this low-profile tape is easy to maneuver through these places and more. With a length of 25ft, you get more reach with the Greenlee Flat Steel Fish tape than with other standard tapes, and it comes stored in a winding case.

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Features and Benefits

  • Low-profile tape, great for pulling cable through many kinds of structures
  • Reaches up to 25ft, longer than standard fishing tape
  • Comes with a winder case


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